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Medical Transcription

Not only is your data is highly sensitive, you also want flawless transcripts, fast turnarounds, and the best medical transcription hourly rate. Backslash offers all these features to doctors, clinics, hospitals, healthcare professionals, & medical researchers worldwide.

Our skilled team of English language specialists, medical transcriptionists, & IT professionals have years of experience transcribing dictation recordings into text to be used for medical reports, correspondence, research, discharge papers, autopsy reports, medical review, surgery notes, & more.

Why choose BackSlash?

Superior Quality

Backslash offers unparalleled expertise and accuracy. We always assign you highly-skilled medical transcriptionists with extensive experience in your field. Further, we have a trusted multi-level quality-check system in place that guarantees 99% accuracy on all the transcripts.

Rapid Turnarounds
To ensure that high-quality work is always accomplished within the designated deadlines, Backslash’s expert medical transcriptionists & quality analysts work round-the-clock. Backslash not only delivers flawless quality every time, we also adhere to all your instructions & specifications.


Supreme Security 

At Backslash, we fully recognize that privacy & security are of the utmost importance in your field.

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